San Diego Public Defender

Community Outreach

Our mission:

To connect with our partners in the community to enrich the lives of those less fortunate and assist in securing equal access to justice."


Phone: (619) 338-4700

Virtual Event with Just in Time

2020 Updates

Our events look different in 2020, but we are still committed to connecting with the community in any way we can!

Think Dignity: Raised and Donated over $3000 this year!

Trayvon Martin Foundation: Raised and Donated over $2400!

The Trevor Project: Raised and Donated over $900 with our Virtual Pride Event! DPD Marie Maloney and her puppy Champ showed off their pride at our virtual run!

My First Home: Raised and Donated over $14,000 for Foster Youth. Congratulations to the South Bay Branch who raised the most!


Casino Night: How It Started

How It's Going